Request for Help FAQs:


  1. Who can request help?
  • Any church, children’s home or youth camp that is directly under the control of an eldership, or a board of directors, or is staffed by members of the Church of Christ.
  • The Sojourn Mission focuses on conducting sojourns for congregations with a membership of 150 or less.
  • The entity must state that they and their supporting elders and supporting congregation(s) are unable to financially bear the cost of the work requested of the Sojourners without significant impact on the entity’s funds.
  1. How does an entity request help?
  • Download the “Request for Help” form from the website (or request one from the Sojourner office).
  • Complete the form, save it, and then email it to the Sojourner office at
  • You can also print it, complete it by hand, and mail it to the Sojourner office.
  • It would be wise to call the office to verify that the “Request for Help” form has been received by the office (it is always due before September 1st).
  1. What information do I need to submit to the Sojourner office?

The Request for Help form must be as complete as possible. It should contain:

  • The name, address and phone number(s) of the location requesting help.
  • Name, address, and phone number(s) of contact persons.
  • Type of work being requested.
  • Date(s) the work is needed (first, second and third choices if possible).
  • RV parking facilities (on premises, at members’ homes, other).
  • Signature of person in authority.
  • Signed waiver of liability.
  1. How many sojourns can an entity have in one year?

Sojourns will be limited to one per year per requesting entity.

  1. How long does a sojourn last?

The length of the sojourn is determined based on meeting the purpose and goals of the sojourn. Generally Spiritual and Physical sojourns are two weeks in length but may exceed this as needed. 

  1. How many sojourners do I request?

It is your choice, but it should be based on the number of RVs or sojourners you can accommodate. Only the number of RVs you request will be authorized by the Sojourner Co-Directors.

  1. When do I turn in my “Request for Help” form? 
  • All requests for the following year must be received in the Sojourner Office on or before September. All requests received after the September 1 deadline may be processed as time permits. 
  • Every year in October (at the workshop that is held in Marshall, TX), the Sojourners plan/choose their sojourns for the next year.
  1. Do we pay for the Sojourners to come to our entity?

No, the Sojourners pay their own way to serve your church, children’s home or youth camp.

  1. How does an entity know that the request has been filled?

It would be wise to call the office to verify that the “Request for Help” form has been received by the office (it is always due before September 1st). During our October workshop, the person that has chosen to lead or be in charge of your sojourn will call you to confirm the dates and work to be done during the sojourn.

  1. Can I make an emergency request? 

Requests for help during special situations (i.e. emergency disaster relief, short notice requests) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


          Request Help for your Church or Organization

          A written request must be submitted