Oct. 10-21, 2021 – Cancelled!

September 6, 2021
Dear Fellow Sojourners,
On behalf of the Co-Directors of National Evangelism with Sojourners, I am writing to inform you of the decision to cancel the 2021 Camp Bee Workshop.  This is a painful, but necessary decision for the Co-Directors to make!  It has been made after prayer to our Father and through communication with one another under the oversight of the Burleson elders.
As Co-Directors of the Sojourners, we have a primary responsibility for the continued existence of the mission with a strong concern for the health, life, and safety of its members.  We have been closely monitoring the increasing spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19.  Considering that a large percentage of the Sojourners are at “high risk”, the complications of contacting COVID-19 could have severe or deadly consequences.  Sojourners who are unaware of having COVID-19 could unintentionally spread the virus as we strongly desire to socialize, sing, eat, and play “Hand & Foot” together.  These factors create a risk the Co-Directors do not believe are in the best interest of the Sojourner mission.
Our Sojourns generally consist of 8-20 Sojourners, working together in a more manageable environment.  Currently you have generously helped over 55 Sojourns this year.
For 2022 we will continue to use TRELLO to sign up for Sojourns.  There will be a Team Leader/Co-Team Leader ZOOM meeting after which men will be able to use TRELLO to sign up to lead Sojourns.  Additionally, there will be edification content available on the Sojourner YouTube channel and through our website.
We too are disappointed about not having the enrichment of the Workshop. May the Lord grant that next year COVID-19 is in a more manageable state!
May God bless you and bless our Sojourn efforts to His glory and the glory of His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Co-Director of Workshops

“From Survival to Revival”

Opening Tea:
Sunday, October 10th

Team Leader Orientation
Green Dot Orientation
Green Dot Banquet
Sojourner Banquet
Men’s & Women’s Sessions
Singing, Crafts, Sojourner Tales