If you have an RV, a God-loving Spirit, a desire to serve and evangelize, and a cheerful attitude to build up the church, the Sojourners could be the mission for you.

Sojourners are . . .

Dedicated Mature Christians
We are all Believers who have a desire to bring others to Christ. Many of us have retired from our jobs in the work place, but still wish to have fulfilling lives in service to the Lord.

Individuals from All Walks of Life
We each have different talents that have been refined by God through individual life experiences. Our group includes farmers, teachers, business men and women, police officers, homemakers, college professors, and more.

We are all self-supporting. Some of us are involved full-time year-round, while others serve part-time depending upon available finances and schedules. Time spent on a sojourn may vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the need.

RV Owners
We each provide our own RVs and pay for our own expenses while on a sojourn.

Seekers of Fellowship, Learning and Spiritual Growth
We work together as a team for a common cause under a trained team leader. In some circumstances, Sojourners will travel together. But the real blessing is the fellowship that takes place in the various workshops around the country. There are Sojourner Workshops in California, Washington, Nebraska, Florida, and at Camp Bee in Marshall, Texas. These are structured to provide spiritual training, team leader training, Christian love and lots of fellowship.

Becoming a Sojourner is Easy

1. Be an active member of a church of Christ that is in good standing with your home congregation.
2. Fill Out Our Online Application.
3. Once the application is received, forms will be sent to the named references on your application.
4. Upon receipt of satisfactory references indicating that you are a faithful Christian, a letter of acceptance as a Sojourner will be sent to you, along with an ID card.
5. When accepted as a Sojourner, you may immediately participate in a Sojourn. You may purchase a name badge to wear for identification as a Sojourner and a logo to place on your vehicle by contacting the Sojourners office at Camp Bee.

Volunteering for a Sojourn

Beginning at the October Camp Bee Workshop every year, Sojourn opportunities are posted so Sojourners can review and choose the projects they would like to join in the upcoming year.

We encourage prospective Sojourners to join any of our workshops, or even a Sojourn that is in progress, to see firsthand what we are all about.

Your Adventure Awaits

Start your application process today!