Due to Covid 19 – The 2020 Camp Bee Workshop (October 11-22) Has Been Cancelled!

The Co-directors met via video conference on Saturday the 11th. Ken Qualls, one of the elders at Burleson, was also with us. We discussed in detail the October workshop. All of you are aware of the situation with the virus. After considering several proposals from some of you about how we could possibly do the workshop and also the variety of suggested rules from the different states about travel, we decided that it will be best to not have the workshop this year. We realize that you will be disappointed to not be able to come to Marshall this year and making this decision was difficult, but we all think it is better to err on the side of safety. After all, most of us are in the age range which is one of the most susceptible to catching the virus.

However, all is not lost. We still have 11 sojourns scheduled for the remainder of the year. If you want to, you may call the team leader for any of them and see if there might be room for you. Also, requests are starting to come in for next year.

And here is some more good news!! We have found a program that will allow us to sign up online. We can arrange the requests by region like we did last year. It’s really user friendly. Ha! I’ll bet you have heard that before. But if any of you have an issue with it let us know here at Camp Bee. Or better still, Ed Stokum, get your 10-year-old granddaughter to show you how it’s done.

ATTENTION: TEAM LEADERS: the requests which we have already received have been entered into the program. We will send them first to those of you who have been team leaders in the past. This is to allow you to become familiar with the program so be checking your email. If you haven’t been a team leader but would like to lead a sojourn in 2021, call me (Charles). Since we have received several requests already, we hope to get this to you tomorrow. Here is how it will work. You will get an invitation from NEWS to create an account in Trello. Once that is done, you will be able to see the worksheet for each request. Then all you have to do is decide which ones you want to lead, note it on the forms and the program automatically updates. Remember, this will be on a “first come basis”. After you team leaders have had a chance to work with and become familiar with the program, we will send invitations to all sojourners so they can start signing up. A date for this will be determined later. I know you will have questions and we may not have all the answers, but I believe we can make this thing work. Call me at the office with any questions.

Now, one more thing. As you know, October workshop fees and your donations while you are here are a key source of funding Sojourn operating expenses throughout the year. With your continued generous contributions, we will still be able to maintain and improve the Camp Bee facilities and grounds even though we won’t actually have a workshop this year. We can also continue to provide the office support that is vital to advancing the Sojourn mission. As always, feel free to mail checks to the office here.

For the Co-directors;

Charles Shelton
Co-director of Sojourns