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The National Evangelism with Sojourners is made up of dedicated, mature Christians who have retired from their jobs in the workplace but still wish to have a fulfilling life in service to their Lord. Some may wish to sojourn part-time and some full-time. The work with the Sojourners is purely voluntary. It is necessary to have an RV and be self-supporting.

For those who have the desire and need for special training, arrangements have been made for their attendance at the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX for six months where special studies are geared for the type of work they will be doing in an effort to strengthen the Chruch. There are also workshops held in various parts of the country throughout the year where there is further training and a schedule of work is planned. The Sojourners go only to congregations, camps, schools or children’s homes who have sent a written request for help. They work in teams with a team leader who has had training for working in this capacity. A typical sojourn varies in length from two to three weeks, dependent upon the need. Sojourners have the security of traveling together, as well as the pleasure of being with other Christians.

If you would like an “Application to Become a Sojourner”, you may obtain one by calling or emailing the Sojourner Office.