Welcome to the Sojourners

The name “sojourner” is an ancient, biblical term, being used over 40 times in the Old Testament.  Many groups with which we have no connection use this name.  Our goal is to serve the Lord by service to His church using RV’s.

Sojourners are a group of mostly retired Christians who own RV’s. Their goal is national evangelism. Upon request, the Sojourners travel to smaller congregations of the churches of Christ to help them grow spiritually and physically. The National Evangelism with Sojourners of the Church of Christ is established for the purpose of working with congregations to strengthen the church, to encourage, instruct, teach, edify, and evangelize.

If your congregation or organization would like to have the Sojourners come to spiritually and/or physically build them up; the first step is to download a Request for Help form, complete it and mail it to the address at the top of the form.

The Sojourner mission work is purely volunteer. When we receive the completed “Request for Help” form, it is reviewed by a Co-Director and if approved, posted at the next workshop. After a Team Leader has signed up and confirmed the dates with the requesting congregation or organization, then the team may sign up.

Most of the time, when a “Request for Help” form is approved, the sojourn does not take place until the following year.

We also offer “Instructional” sojourns (“How to Study the Bible” Seminars, Marriage Seminars, Personal Evangelism Seminars, Singing Seminars and Listening Labs). You may download an Instructional Request for Help form, complete it and mail to the Sojourner Office.