Finances and Work

How do they finance their work?

All Sojourners are self-supporting. They do not solicit nor do they accept support from any church they visit. They usually work in one place from two to three weeks as needed. All Sojourners must furnish their own recreational vehicle. When they leave a church they will leave a donation to that church, funds enough to cover all utility expenses incurred by their stay, such as electricity and water usage.
Where do they go?

They travel within the U.S. and Canada. They go only to churches where they have been invited. Their main goal is to strengthen the brotherhood by helping small churches in need. They also go to disaster areas to help rebuild damaged church property. They go to Christian colleges, children’s homes and youth camps to do volunteer work.
How is their work organized?

Each year there are workshops to plan and schedule the sojourns. The primary workshop is held in October of every year at Camp Bee in Marshall, Texas. The first week of the workshop, Team Leaders are trained and instructed in the methods of leading a team of Sojourners in a work. The next week team members are instructed in ways to do the sojourns. During the workshop many of the Sojourners come together at Camp Bee to plan their sojourn work for the following year.

The Sojourners’ Camp Bee is a very unique RV facility complete with lodges and assembly meeting buildings. It is equipped with a library, office, dining hall and guest cabins.

The Sojourner mission has six men who serve three-year terms as Co-Directors. They each are assigned a specific responsibility. They work very closely with the Elders.

We have four satellite workshops held in Florida, West Virginia, and California-Washington. Contact us for information on these satellite workshops.
Do they work in groups?

Most of the time, there are 3 to 8 rigs (6 to 16 people) at each sojourn. Each sojourn has a Team Leader and Co-Team Leader. The Team leader coordinates the work with the local contact.

Where He leads we will follow.